How We Make Escozine


Gathering scorpion venom to make Escozine

Gathering scorpion venom to make Escozine



How We Care For The Escozine Blue Scorpions


Because Escozine™ is made from blue scorpion venom, the care and welfare of the scorpions involved in the process of making Escozine™ is of the utmost importance to us.  Escozine™ is produced by Medolife. At Medolife, we have a purpose built scorpion reservation, where thousands of scorpions are handled gently, respectfully and with care so that we may collect their venom without injuring the scorpions in any way. Extracting the venom is done by professionals and does not harm the scorpions in any way. The process can be repeated every 22 days.


Gently collecting the scorpions to produce escozine

Gently collecting the blue scorpions to produce Escozine


The Escozine Blue Scorpion Reservation


The scorpion reservation is located is in the remote setting of Neyba, Dominican Republic, so that the scorpions can remain in a natural environment with very little day-to-day interaction with humans.  Initially, the reservation was extremely overgrown but now the reservation is being renovated.

In Phase One, Medolife cleared the land and began deploying a detailed gridding system that supports the optimization of the venom production process. This took 18 months to complete. In Phase Two, the land was further enhanced with the addition of grape arbour foliage, which has been found to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the scorpion venom. We are now in Phase Three which will include the addition of an onsite laboratory and scorpion breeding facilities, a helicopter landing pad and upgrades to access roads.

Medolife intends to further upgrade the quality and capacity of its scorpion handling facilities as well as transportation operations.

Medolife is proud to have the first-of-its-kind scorpion reservation in the world. This reservation is surrounded by the Blue Scorpion’s natural habitat, which has an ideal climate and terrain to support a healthy population of scorpions.

The Medolife scorpion reservation is located in a remote mountain area 120 miles from Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The reservation is 50,000 square meters (12 acres).

Quality Assurance


It is important that the quality of the Escozine™ remains high so Medolife has contracted Laboratorio Valdez Aguasvivas to carry out microbiological analysis during the pre-extraction and post extraction stages of the manufacturing.

The Valdez Aguasvivas Laboratory is the only lab in the country to have obtained the QMS International Standards (ISO 9001:2008) certification in the areas of Clinical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis and Environmental Analysis. They are the only private laboratory in the Dominican Republic accredited and certified by the ACLASS agency of International Standards (ISO 17025:2005 Environmental Laboratory).

The Valdez Aguasvivas Laboratory specializes in the area of health in Clinical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis, and Microbiological Analysis of Water and Food. They are a modern clinical laboratory, equipped with the latest technology, and highly trained specialists.

They have over 30 years of experience providing quality service, efficiency, speed and reliability in the Dominican Republic market and are supported by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS).

The Manufacturing of Escozine™


Having successfully extracted the scorpion venom and ensured that it is quality assured, the next stage is the manufacturing of the Escozine™. The actual manufacturing of the Escozine™ that we sell in the UK office is done by Samson Pharmaceuticals in Commerce, California in the United States. Samson is an FDA registered manufacturing facility that produces a wide range of prescription medicines and supplements, some under their own brand, and also manufacture Escozine™ for international distribution.

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