Escozine Q’s and A’s

What illnesses can benefit from taking Escozine?

Escozine™ Scorpion venom has been used by customers with cancer, non cancerous tumours, HIV, immune disorders, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Hepatitis C, HPV, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, as well as by others who are aiming to improve their overall health. It has been tested on both humans and animals and can help your body restore normal cellular function.


How does Escozine work?

Escozine™ is a natural compound extracted from the Caribbean Blue Scorpion (Rhopalurus Princeps), which, in its original form, contains low molecular weight peptides, amino acids, proteins and 59 minerals. Medolife uses modern technologies to isolate and filter the essential minerals. The extracted minerals are polarized by a patented methodology (#US 8,097,284 B2) to increase potency and binding preferences with abnormal cells. Escozine™ has several paths of influence that affect abnormal cells. The main compound inhibits Potassium (K+) 3‐4 kDa, Sodium (Na+) 6- ‐ 8 kDa and Chloride (Cl-) ion channels.

One of the main components of Escozine™ is a 36 amino acid peptide, which at pH 7 has a high positive charge. It blocks small‐conductance chloride channels, and it also binds preferentially to abnormal cells, leaving the normal cells intact.

The solution is colourless and can be taken orally. Escozine™ has been used in over 40 countries for many years, with remarkable feedback from those who have experienced the product.


How soon will I see benefits from Escozine™?

The majority of users are reporting immediate benefits in the first week of use of Escozine™. In some cases it will require a longer time to see benefits; each person will have an individual response to the product depending on their current state as well as their individual metabolism to process Escozine™.


Do you need to consult with your Doctor or health practitioner before taking Escozine?

This product is simple to use at home. However, if you have a health complication, we recommend consulting your doctor or health practitioner.


Do you give advice on taking Escozine?

No. We are not doctors and only a doctor can legally give you advice on cancer. However, only your body can heal itself and only you can decide what is best for your body. We do not judge you on your decisions. Escozine™ has been taken on its own, alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy and alongside other natural treatments.

However, to help your body heal it is also important to have good nutrition, daily exercise as well as emotional and spiritual healing to help your body heal.


Is Escozine™ safe to take?

More than 10 years of observations on humans and animals reassures us that this product does not cause any health threatening reactions whatsoever. Because Escozine™ is of natural and organic origin, it is well-tolerated and well metabolized by the body.


Can I benefit from Escozine™ while taking other natural supplements or medications?

We did not observe or have any reports that indicate there are any complications when Escozine™ is combined with other nutraceuticals or medications.


Are there any unusual reactions I will experience from Escozine™?


Less than 5% of Escozine™ users have some abdominal discomfort in the first two weeks of usage. These reactions are temporary and usually disappear in one or two weeks when your body adapts to Escozine™.

Within the first two weeks of taking Escozine™, a small percentage of people have reported the following:

  • Strong smelling urine and/or faeces.
  • Temporary dark urine colour.

If you experience any other unusual effects or reactions, please do not hesitate to contact to your healthcare practitioner or nutritionist.


Do I need to stop smoking/drinking to use Escozine?


When dealing with any illness or trying to improve your health we would recommend that you give up smoking and drinking. Smoking and drinking alcohol will slow down the effectiveness of Escozine™ so we would recommend that you stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least while you are ill.


Do I need to change my diet in any way?

No special diet is necessary but we would recommend that you avoid port or red meats during your treatment and that you only take the minimum amounts of any meats, fish or dairy while taking Escozine™ and avoid these products within two hours of taking Escozine™. We also recommend that you avoid caffeine.


How do I know that this product is not a fake?

All our products are produced with a specific expiry date and Lot number which we can identify; if you are in doubt please email:


What do you do to ensure the quality of the product?   

Medolife, who are the producers of Escozine™, have established advanced production protocols to ensure the highest potency and quality of Escozine™. Dr. J. Gilberto Concepcion, who is internationally acclaimed for his achievements in quality control procedures and has supervised many pharmaceutical companies through all stages of production, is responsible for ensuring quality control at Medolife.


What should I do if I accidentally drink the entire bottle of Escozine™ at once (120 ml)?

We would strongly discourage any person from consuming a whole bottle of Escozine™ at once but, if the entire bottle is consumed at once, we would highly recommend getting immediate medical attention.

However, we are confident that the product will not cause any harm even if the entire bottle is consumed all at once.


Is it harmless for me to consume all the minerals contained in Escozine™?

All minerals contained in Escozine™, including arsenic, are naturally occurring elements found in our environment. These elements are widely present in the air, soil, and water from which our food and beverages are grown and harvested.

The amount of such minerals contained in Escozine™ is very low compared to the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration of the United States) range of allowed daily intake.


Where has the product been registered?

Escozine™ has been registered in the following countries:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Vietnam
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nigeria
  • Armenia

Medolife are also in the process of registering Escozine™ in several other countries.


Why isn’t this product used widely?

Escozine™ was brought to the market in 2007 as a dietary supplement and has been supported by an international marketing and advertising campaign. Medolife anticipates launching an FDA drug version, Escozine GNP-1, upon completion of FDA trials.


Do doctors prescribe Escozine™ as they do medications?

In countries that have been registered, doctors may recommend Escozine™ to their patients; In the USA doctors in general only prescribe FDA-approved medications.

As Escozine™ has not yet been approved by the FDA, doctors will not prescribe it as they would an FDA-approved medication. However, we encourage you to seek the advice of your doctor on all matters related to your health.


Does this product have a patent?

Medolife is the only company with the right to produce and market Escozine™, based on the Polarized Blue Scorpion formula. The formula is patent protected under U.S. PATENT No. 8,097,284 B2. Medolife has authorised The Natural Cancer Portal and to sell Escozine™ under a signed agreement.


Why should I trust this product?

Scientific Research:

The product has had on-going research for many years and these studies continue today with valuable and promising results that can increase the quality of life and the life span of humans.


Human Use:

The human product has been carefully studied, reviewed and registered by the Ministers of Health in several countries. The registration process usually includes an in depth investigation: the investigation includes a verification of the origin of the product (what the product is made from and if it is safe for human use); all scientific studies are carefully validated by specialists to ensure safety and health benefits; the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) required for production facility and the processes are verified to comply with international standards. Many other verifications included in the registration process are undertaken to ensure the safety and health benefits of the product.



Escozine™ has been carefully studied, reviewed and registered by the Ministers of Health in several countries. The registration process usually includes an in depth investigation: the investigation includes a verification of the origin of the product (what the product is made from and if it is safe for human use); all scientific studies are carefully validated by specialists to ensure safety and health benefits; the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) required for production facility and the processes are verified to comply with international standards. Many other verifications included in the registration process are undertaken to ensure the safety and health benefits of the product.


What is the process that makes Escozine™ more effective?

Medolife’s patented polarization technology strengthens and potentiates the function of the active ingredients to support overall health and restores normal cellular functions.


What is Escozine™ made from?

Escozine™ is a natural supplement containing 59 essential minerals extracted, isolated and purified by modern technologies. The exclusively owned polarization technology is used to enhance the molecular activity for the highest potency at a cellular level.

Escozine™ may still carry some residual traces of proteins and amino acids, but, spectrophotometry analysis does not show the presence of these components.

Residual Traces = Traces of the components after purification is not significant enough to be considered.


Why does the composition of Escozine™ contain so many minerals with specific proportions?

Medolife has extracted and purified the minerals and has maintained the same proportion and quantity of essential minerals as the naturally occurring source. Maintaining this proportional structure may have a profound effect on overall health at a cellular level.


Should I consider taking Escozine™ instead of conventional treatments?

While we are confident in the efficacy of Escozine™, Medolife does not encourage refusal of conventional treatments. This is something that only you, your healthcare practitioner or nutritionist should do. Escozine™ can be taken alongside conventional treatments.


Where is this product manufactured?

Escozine™ is produced to the highest industry standards in a US FDA-approved manufacturing facility: Samson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Commerce, California. Escozine™ is also manufactured in GMP certified manufacturing facility: Alopecil Corporation, S.R.L. in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Has Escozine™ been approved by regulatory agencies?

Escozine™ does not need regulatory agency approval at this time because it is a dietary supplement.


What is the greatest feature of Escozine™?

The unique feature of the nutraceutical, Escozine™, is that it is produced with a patented process that strengthens and potentiates the function of its active ingredients to considerably support overall health and profoundly restore normal cellular functions.


What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once the package has left our facility and shipment has been paid.


From where will the shipment be made?

We ship from the UK.


Can this product be sent to my country?

Please see below list of the countries where we have an experience to ship our product without difficulty and if your country is not in that list please contact to our main office to see if we still can ship.

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Aruba
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenya
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Lithuania
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vietnam

Even if your country is not on our list, it is possible that customs in your country does not prohibit people receiving natural supplements for personal use. Send us an email at to see if we can ship Escozine™ to your country and what steps would need to be taken in order for you to receive your product.


Do your provide free consultation?

After the product has been purchased, you can email us with any additional questions or concerts at:

or call us at:

+1 800-859-7036 (US)

+1 310-279-5152 (US)


How long do I need to take the product?

We recommend that the product be used for three months or more for greater health benefits. In some cases, we recommend a one month trial first.


How do I take Escozine™?

Escozine™ is taken orally, like a liquid multi-vitamin. In certain cases, there are alternative intake protocols. For more specific details, email us at: or call us at:

+1 800-859-7036 (US)

+1 310-279-5152 (US)


What is your exchange policy?

All sales are final once the package has left our facility. We do not accept exchanges.


What is your return policy?

From the time the package has left our facility, we do not accept returns. We will, however, replace product that has been damaged during shipment.

If your product is damaged, please take pictures immediately after opening the package and send us the attachments at A representative should contact you shortly during normal business hours.


What if the product arrived damaged?

Please take pictures immediately after opening the package and send us the attachments at . A representative should contact you shortly during normal business hours.

If the product is broken during shipping and proof of damage from the shipping company is shown, Medolife will replace the product free of charge.


Why are other companies not producing this product?

Medolife Pharmaceuticals is the only company with the right to produce and market the Polarized Blue Scorpion formula. Our formula is patent protected (U.S. PATENT No. 8,097,284 B2) and therefore Medolife Pharmaceuticals is the only company allowed to produce Escozine™.


What is Escozine’s history?

Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian, founder of Medolife, started his independent investigation into the Caribbean Blue Scorpion in 2004. Scientific data, made him believe that the scorpion venom had potential therapeutic values. He was sure it could be a valuable organic compound when combined with his polarization technology.

In 2007, Dr. Mikaelian and the Ministry of Environment and Bio Diversity of the Dominican Republic started discussing a joint investigation of several scorpion species endemic to the Dominican Republic. In 2008, Dr. Arthur Grant Mikaelian signed an agreement with the Minister of Environment, Dr. Jaime David Fernandez Mirabal, and started a joint investigation.

In 2010, Medolife received its first Registration for its product, Escozine™, in the Dominican Republic. Medolife received a full Patent in 2012. This exclusive patent license, (United States patent # 8,097,284 B2) is being used to make a new generation of nutraceuticals and drugs utilizing the polarization technology for higher potency bioactive peptides. Escozine™ is registered and certified for oncological treatment by the Minister of Health in the Dominican Republic. Escozine™ is currently sold through direct online marketing to over 40 countries and is currently registered in six countries (Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and Armenia) as well as being sold in the United States as a nutraceutical


Can Escozine be used on non cancerous tumours?

  •  Cysts
  • Adenomas
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Tumour formations in the bladder
  • Hemangiomas – a build up of blood vessel cells in the skin or internal organs
  • Lipomas – grow from fat cells
  • Meningiomas – tumours that develop from the membrane surrounding the brain and
  • Myomas – tumours that grow from the muscle


How does Escozine work on non cancerous tumours i.e. is what does it attack?

 We do not have a specific study on non-cancerous tumour interaction with Escozine, but spinal cord.  Also, our patented polarization technology ensures binding by increasing the mentioned we do assume that the mechanism of action is similar to that of cancerous tumours. By this we mean that Escozine acts as a sodium, potassium and chloride ionic channel inhibitor, and the specific binding preferences with abnormal/benign tumours is similar to that of cancer tumours. This is probably related to the highly-negatively extracellular charged cancer cells, which create attraction with the Chlorotoxin molecule positive charges in Chlorotoxin up to five times. That is why it transfers as a smart missile and targets only abnormal cells in the body.


Apart from noticing that the tumours are shrinking – how do you know that the Escozine is working?

In different types of cancer, the evaluation can be done in different ways. There are two possible actions that could be noticed: One, an immediate decrease in tumour markers and two, the tumour markers actually slightly increase at the beginning of treatment, after which they will go down.

This happens because sometimes when dead tumour cells enter the blood stream, they react to the cancer’s anti-gens and provide false readings as if the tumour markers increased. In these types of cases, usually, the patient has other symptoms indicating that he is getting better, for example: increase in appetite, better sleep, and positive changes in the quality of life of the Patient.

In the case of brain tumours, where there are no tumour markers to identify tumour activity, the same two scenarios are possible. First, the tumour starts to shrink immediately, and related symptoms (i.e.: headache, dizziness, disorientation, etc.) start to decrease. Second, Escozine accumulates inside and around the brain tumour in the beginning causing an possible slight increase in size and/or symptoms. However, there is no way for us to differentiate if an increase of the symptoms is not related with the cancer activity. Typically, a Patient notices a reaction to Escozine in the area of the cancer 20 minutes after taking the product. This time related reaction indicates that a temporary increase of symptoms is related with the accumulation of Escozine around and inside of the tumour. Our observations show that if this process happened any time between the 15th and 45th day of treatment, then shrinkage of the tumour takes place.


How do I know that the cancer is dead?

The same answer applies from the previous question.


Sometimes it can take over a year for the body to remove a dead tumour – are there any other natural treatments that you can take to remove the tumour alongside escozine i.e. Serranol orSerrapeptase to make it go faster?

We suggest our Patients to work with their healthcare practitioner on these matters, because each case is different. You have to take into consideration many factors before suggesting additional natural treatments to remove the dead tumour.


What are the advantages to taking Escozine alongside chemo/radio etc i.e. how does it benefit the body? Does it reduce sickness (how)?

During integration of chemotherapy with Escozine, 11 years of clinical observation, and after pre-clinical studies at Moores Cancer Center (UC San Diego), demonstrate that Escozine has a strong synergistic effect when used together with chemotherapy. This is logical as both products work against cancer cells, and as such their effectiveness multiplies. Because Escozine also has immune-system enhancement capabilities, our oncologists and scientists noticed an increase of T-cell function in the body during clinical observations. This also works as a protective mechanism for the patient as they go through the chemotherapy. It helps them to go through the chemotherapy process with less side-effects. A similar effect we are noticing with radiotherapy as well.

In the case that the patient has a long process of radiotherapy before they started Escozine, it is possible that Escozine can start to have its effect a little bit later due to the fact that the radiation process sometimes takes a longer time to have a cumulative effect on the tumour.


What other illnesses apart from cancer can benefit from Escozine?

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Arthritis
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV
  • HPV
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease


With some cancer treatments i.e. Graviola or Essiac you are told to take it for 30 days at a time then to take a break of 7 days before starting the treatment again – would it be a good idea to do this with Escozine?

 No, Escozine should be taken continuously. If there is a need to take a break for whatever reasons, we do not recommend doing this for longer than 4 days based on our observations. Every case is different, but in cases of aggressive cancer we do not recommend taking a break at all until some stability has been reached in the patient’s condition. During 11 years of observations we did not observe any toxic effects on any of our patients. As such, Escozine has been proven to be a natural and non-toxic product that is safe to take indefinitely.


With Escozine is it safe for a patient to take the Escozine for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months?

We have done an observation on a patient who took the product for 7 years straight, and absolutely no side effects were observed. In the case of long term usage, we recommend to do CBC tests to ensure that the haemoglobin is in the normal range.


For how long after the cancer has disappeared should the patient continue to take a preventative dose of Escozine?

This decision has to be made for each case separately. We suggest that our patient’s immediate healthcare provider to handle these questions. Usually, we consider the cause of the tumour. For example, if the cause of the tumour was genetic, then we recommend taking the preventative dose for as long as possible to avoid cell mutation caused by genes. If the origin of the cell mutation is related to environmental toxicity, for example, then you need to consider if the patient still has access to a toxic environment before determining if continuous use of Escozine is highly recommended. Another patient we had had lead toxicity through long-term use of a specific hair dye. After the tumour shrunk and the patient had gone through a specific chelation therapy, he used Escozine for another 6 months as a preventative measure.

However, we generally recommend a minimum 6 months of preventative use of Escozine after a patient has entered remission, but we highly recommend that this decision is made by the immediate healthcare practitioner who is familiar with the actual condition of the patient.


What if I have a question that is not answered in the FAQ?

 If the answer you are seeking is not in the product description or our FAQ, please email us at


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